Twisted Britain

Episode 27 - A Twisted birthday - Sandyford and Camden

June 28, 2019

This week is Twisted Britain's first Birthday and we have been honoured by the messages we ahe received from some of our favourite podcasts that you will hear in the break.

this week bob finishes his Glasgow mini series telling the sad story of Jessie McPherson whose life was taken for saying no, and her friend went to jail for 15 years wrongly 


Back in the 17th century a man named William Harrison went out to collect rents but didn’t return home - his servant went out to find him but instead of returning with William came back with several bizarre tales. A few years later a crazy twist would cast more confusion on the story... have a listen to find out more!
Thank you to every one for listening for the past year, if you like us then please listen to the wonderful creators that took the time to send us a message:
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